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New Laptop?


My girlfriend's MacBook is in at Ubertec for repairs currently - she has been using it happily nearly every day for several years but the other morning it wouldn't power up - no start chime, no beeps, nothing. It's totally dead. I'm hoping it's something easy or cheap (yeah, dreams are free...) because the last thing we need right now is to have to buy her a new laptop (she uses it almost daily so really can't live without it) but if we do I'll grab her one of the new MacBook Airs. She's using my PowerBook in the meantime to get work done, she loves the compact size of it but isn't so thrilled working on a 1024x768 resolution display in this day and age.

Funny how my now nearly 7 year old PowerBook is still trucking on without incident while her much newer Intel equipped MacBook is in for repairs - they don't make them like they used to...