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A Better Way to Communicate


I've never really thought about it, but I'm drowning in instant message clients. It used to be easy back in the old days - everyone used ICQ (as that was pretty much the only game in town), but then slowly a bunch of my friends started to use MSN messenger, I discovered IRC, then Skype came along so more of my friends and family started using that not just for voice but for chat too, still others started using google chat...

To keep in touch with all the various groups I now have open on my screen X-chat for IRC, iChat for google chat, messenger for MSN and Skype for the rest (and of course my email client). What makes it more annoying is some people are on more than one medium - conversations can span email, MSN and then finish on Skype depending on which device the other person is on at the time making following a "thread" difficult to say the least. It's nearly enough to make me sign up to Facebook... Nearly.