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I Bought One!


Hah! Managed to snag a cheap HP TouchPad. I know that it's being discontinued but hey, I got it cheap so at the very least it will make a good video player/ebook reader if nothing else. Also Amazon had shipped the case I ordered with my original order so I didn't want to be stuck with just a case and no TouchPad!

Aquire has a fire sale going on now - though it looks like it has sold out so if you're reading this then you're out of luck :-) I ended up getting one from so didn't quite score it that cheap but still got it for a good price (shipping is a bit steep though).

Funny thing is now that they've discontinued the product (and heavily discounted it!) it is flying off the shelves - as I write this it is currently at number 1 and 2 spots on the Amazon best seller list, above the Kindle even! I guess HP finally got what they wanted - number 2 spot in the tablet market. Hopefully the surge of sales will result in a few devs still making apps for it for a while yet.

Now I just need to wait for it to turn up! Maybe I'll need to make a webOS section for this site...

UPDATE: Just heard that it has shipped - I'm excited like a kid at Christmas!

UPDATE 2: It has arrived! I love new toys ;-)