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State of the Windows Terminal


Since switching to Windows for a lot of my work one thing has consistently been sub-par, and that is the terminal application. I love that I can now use Bash with a full Linux userland under the hood, but I'm not quite so stoked with it being done in such a primitive environment. There are no tabs, you have to allocate the scroll buffer before you begin (which results in really weird scrolling where you can scroll past the bottom of your "screen") and changing colours, fonts etc is rudimentary to say the least. Here's hoping there is something new in the pipeline from MS - they've really stepped up a lot over the last few years in trying to get *nix developers on board and a great terminal would help immensely in this regard.

Or maybe it's simply time I looked at alternatives such as ConEmu (I mean, Bash is just another shell, so I should be able to use it in another terminal, right?), but I would love it if MS gave me this out of the box!