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End of the line for Flash on PPC


So Adobe have released the latest version of Flash player, 10.2, and it marks the end of the line for PPC Macs. I can't say it comes as a great surprise - most vendors have been dropping support for PPC from their software for the last few years, and considering how much my PowerBook struggles with flash video maybe it's for the best going forward.

So I've un-installed the Flash plugin (I'd rather not have vulnerable software installed no matter how many sites rely on it...) and I'm experiencing life Flash free. Other than youTube I haven't had any issues (in fact some sites are better without flash ;-D ) and when on youtube I have discovered the trick of switching the user agent to that of the iPad so the videos work, which is a slight hassle but better than nothing.

I must admit though that after this latest blow to my usage of the old PowerBook that new MacBook Air is looking mighty tempting...