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Stuck on Firefox 3.6


And the blows just don't stop falling on my poor old PowerBook G4 - I went and downloaded the Firefox 4 RC (seeing as it's being released tomorrow I thought I may as well try and beat the rush!) only to find that it only runs on Intel Macs.

I'll keep trucking along with Firefox 3.6 for now (and I realise that Mozilla will probably keep supporting 3.6 for longer than Apple will support OS X Leopard) but it would be nice to experience some of this new found speed and cleaner interface. I did find this site which has builds of Firefox 4 available for PPC Macs so will likely end up giving that a whirl at some stage but they can't officially call the builds Firefox as they have had small changes made to the source to make it compile on PPC hardware.

I know I say it over and over again, but the end is definitely drawing nigh for this little laptop...

Also just a small update on the Adobe Flash issue, I've reinstalled Flash but have also installed the Flashblocker plugin so I can choose when to run it - hopefully this keeps me safe enough from vulnerabilities going forward. Why did I reinstall Flash? The web was just too damn hard without it...