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Wireless data


I've been working the last few days without a proper internet connection. By proper I mean a port on a switch somewhere or even a DSL modem. Instead (at least until the internet connection is sorted out in my new office) I've been using my 3G cellular data connection through my phone.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how usable it actually is - I work a full 8 hour day using it and haven't actually used all that much data (mind you I haven't watched any youtube or anything like that, mostly remote consoles and email only) and some days there are two of us using the connection (my Palm Pre has a wireless hotspot app so up to 5 devices can use the same internet connection) and even then with some web browsing thrown in I've only used a few hundred meg.

The other thing it has given me is the freedom to work where I want to in the building, sit with people I normally wouldn't - if I'm at my desk I'd still be using that same connection over the phone so why not sit anywhere?