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Civilised Internet


Another excellent article by Thom Holwerda over at talking about the US, UK and France trying to make the internet more "civilised". As far as I can tell from my brief look at the plan the whole thing boils down to controlling copyright (and cracking down on infringers) and giving governments the ability to block websites that they don't want citizens having access to ("Think of the children!"). Of course we can completely trust the government to *only* block child porn web sites (and not wikileaks, the pirate bay etc, no they'd never do that!)...

All is not lost however as both countries and individuals (as well as some big companies like Google and Facebook) are fighting for Net Neutrality, basically an internet that isn't controlled by anyone but allowed to grow organically (with both the good and bad that such growth would bring).

With New Zealand signing up to the three strikes law (which is basically the film and music studios reaching past the police and getting policy into law that they should never be allowed to) I wonder how long it will be until we (New Zealand) sign up to this new civilised internet?