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History of Android


Over at The Verge Chris Ziegler has done an amazing write up of the visual history of Android. Seems funny to think that Android has only been with us a few years - it certainly has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Having said that version 4 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") is the first version that I'd actually like to own - for whatever reason I've never really been a fan of Android (which is funny considering my like of most things Google and also the fact that it's built on the Linux kernel and user land), always finding it to be inconsistent and slightly laggy for most things. Android 4 changes that with a consistent subtle blue theme throughout and smooth hardware accelerated graphics for menus etc. Also doesn't hurt that Matias Duarte (who was head of design for webOS) is now the Director for Android User Experience and so had a large hand in the new look.

If only one of the manufacturers would make a vanilla handset whose screen wasn't bigger than 3.7 ~ 4.0" - I'm not too keen on going from my tiny Veer to a massive slab of a phone!