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iSync for LG Arena (KM900)


I found my old LG Arena sitting in a drawer when I was doing some cleaning - it's been years since I used this phone! Memories... Not of the phone, but of what I was doing three years ago when I first got it!

Anyway, as I used a Mac back then (well, still do really) I discovered that there was an iSync plugin (remember when we had to plug our phones into our computers to sync the calendars and contacts? Wasn't actually that long ago I guess...) for the LG Arena but it took me a lot of searching to actually find the damn thing as it wasn't available on the LG website, only on some German sourced KM900 driver CD. Well after finding my phone I dug through the old archives and have found the plugin - I'll chuck it up here on the off chance that a) someone out there is still using the LG Arena and b) is also using a Mac and wants to keep the calendar in sync :-)

Not looking too flash


While checking out what Apple's stock price is doing now since the release of the New iPad (it's doing bloody well!) I thought I'd see how Nokia is doing now a year in to it's new relationship with Microsoft. The last time I checked the share price had dropped just below $10 per share (it was floating around $12 before the announcement) but just over a year later, and with the Lumia 800 and 710 having been on sale now for about 5 months things aren't looking great - the stock has since halved and is now hovering around $5.20.

Oh how the mighty have fallen - Elop has managed to carve off around 65% of Nokia's value in just over a year - I don't know how much longer Nokia can bleed like this :-(