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Medals per Capita


The Olympics are currently on in Rio and as usual the big countries are cleaning up. This got me thinking - those big countries have such a huge population advantage, the pool of talent to pick from is so vast, that of course they are going to win more medals. But what about the little countries like New Zealand who always come away with a bunch of medals? On a per capita basis do we win more or less than the big ones? Well, I'm far from the first to have this thought and Craig Nevill-Manning has actually done something about it - he has created a table of medals per capita! Based on this I am happy to see New Zealand currently leading (though we need to win a whole lot more gold to beat Fiji who is currently leading the Gold Medals per capita race).

Hopefully we can keep up the momentum and hold on to our crown of most medals won on a per capita basis, and win the Olympics! :-)