Little T in the Cog linux

Ubuntu 11.10


And I'm back to using a Linux workstation <3

I've recently switched jobs, leaving the telco for a web hosting outfit. In my new workplace we can choose which OS we want to use on our workstations (or even provide our own workstations - a bunch of guys are running Macs, the rest pretty evenly split between Win 7 and Linux) and I'm happily running Ubuntu 11.10 on my nice dual 22" screen rig. Well, when I say happily it's nearly all rosy - I can't say I'm thrilled with Unity. It's not that the concept is bad, or I can't work with it, no it's that it is simply a bit too buggy for my liking. The last version of Ubuntu I used was 10.10 and even then there were some regressions in regards to stability (and IPSec broke as well...) but 11.10 seems to take it to a new level, it honestly feels like I'm using a beta OS a lot of the time as I've had a few strange issues (I've "lost" windows a few times now, once I unlocked the desktop only to be greeted by a white screen, every kernel update seems to break the ATi drivers, terminal has crashed twice now...).

I'm actually thinking about installing vanilla Debian, the only thing putting me off is the fact that it would take me a day or two of tweaking to get all my apps installed and set up the way I like. I'll give Ubuntu 12.04 a whirl when it comes out in two months but if that isn't up to scratch I'll go back to tried and true Debian Squeeze.