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Final Firmware Update Released for the N9


Nokia have released the third (and final) update for the N9 - by the time I bought mine the first two were already released. I'm not totally sure what this update will bring as I'm still waiting for it to appear in my phone's update app, but apparently it is more of a bug fix release rather than introducing new changes. A limited "change log" can be found here.

How do I know it is the final release? Because on the same day they announced it they also bid farewell to the remaining MeeGo devs, meaning there is nobody left at Nokia building any OS software any more (Symbian development has long since moved to Accenture).

This truly is a sad day for Nokia - they have completed their transformation into a pure hardware maker depending on others for their software and ecosystem, no longer in charge of their own destiny. And seeing as Windows Phone 7 hasn't exactly worked wonders for them* I wonder if there will be a Nokia in two years...

* Their share price is currently sitting around "junk" status - as of writing it is $2.12 and has been dropping steadily for months now.