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Raspberry Pi


I've finally ordered my Raspberry Pi! I've been sitting on the fence about getting one of these little guys for a while but the new model "B" with double the RAM (now 512MB) and more importantly on board ethernet pushed me into buying one (and hey, at only NZ $55 delivered it's hardly a massive outlay). I plan on replacing my Intel Atom with it (so run my DNS, DHCP, probably this website etc) but if I get bored of that I'll grab another and then see if I can get it set up as a media player to replace the Mac Mini in the lounge - that would require some sort of Flash playback however as we do stream a lot of shows, and at a decent resolution that could be a big ask.

I'll probably end up running the Raspbian distro on the device, which is basically Debian "Wheezy" optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware so I'll still have access to pretty much all the standard packages that I know and use (other than Xen virtualization which is i386/x64 only, so I'll investigate getting Linux VServer set up on it).

The only problem with this is just after I ordered off Element14 I received an email saying that it won't arrive for nearly a month - at least that gives a bit of time for my PiBow case to turn up!