Little T in the Cog linux

3 Days into Chromebook Ownership


Just a quick report - I'm 3 days into ownership and I simply can't believe how good this little machine is! I've slowly been picking through various apps to install and have settled on a few - Calmly Writer is a beautiful clean minimalist writing app that supports Markdown, Secure Shell is a great SSH client, Polarr is a great offline photo editing app and Evernote has a solid web option. I've even found a WebDAV plugin for the file manager that works perfectly with my Owncloud install so now I have all my documents etc from my other machines accessible without having to move all the files over to Google Drive.

So yes I'm pretty much sold. There are still things that I can't do on this device, for example yesterday I needed to create a bootable SD card image for a Raspbery Pi so had to use my MacBook Pro, and every now and then I need to create USB installers for physical servers, but for the bulk of what I do a Chromebook is a valid device. In fact I'm starting to see the appeal of a Chromebook Pixel and that's something I wouldn't have said a week ago...