Little T in the Cog linux

Now Running on Raspberry Pi


Well, I've finally finished Project Bakery (at least for now - I may tweak it as time goes by) and it is racked up and in production! I'll write up a proper post with photos etc but in essence it is an old Cisco switch that has been gutted and filled with 4x Raspberry Pi 2's all running Raspbian Linux. I've split the functions between the various hosts - I've got one running as a web server using Hiawatha and php-fpm, one running as a database host running MariaDB, one running as an NFS server to provide bulk storage to the cluster (it has a 4TB external disk attached which is then exported to the other hosts) and the final Pi acts as a jump host/build server/SaltStack master.

The whole set up is definitely slower than the Xserve that Owncloud and the various websites were running on, but that's not really the point - it is quick enough for what I want to host and also was fun to design and build. Currently the biggest bottleneck to performance (as far as I can tell) is the DB server works pretty hard when doing things like file scans or Owncloud upgrades, though in general use (browsing files in Owncloud, posting to forums that are hosted there etc) it seems fine. I'll keep an eye on it and upgrade it to a Raspberry Pi 3 if needed (it has taken me so long to actually put the bakery together that the then-current Pi 2's I bought for it have been superseded by the 64bit Pi 3). is now ARM powered!

ARM Powered