Little T in the Cog mobile

NZ Catalog Up and Running


Well what a difference a week makes - I'm now using the New Zealand catalog as it has started filling up with lots of paid apps and the prices are very reasonable against the US one. Nearly two years into my webOS usage (first had a Palm Pre early 2010) and I can finally purchase apps on my own credit card - I've already spent nearly $20 in the week I've owned it :-)

I've now set up the Cisco VPN client so I can connect to work (although without an RDP client all I can really do with it is my timesheeting! My fingers are crossed something gets ported soon...) and all I really miss is a decent shell as the system I have to use now (start xecutah, start an xserver from that, start an xterm) is very cumbersome. There used to be two terminals in the preware feeds but both have now fallen by the wayside and don't work on the TouchPad. There's also the small problem of the missing 'esc' key to deal with too...

P.S. An update on the battery life - now that it's had a few charge/discharge cycles it seems to last between two and four days depending on usage (unless I'm gaming on it which kills the battery nice 'n' quick!)

P.P.S. The screen is an absolute fingerprint magnet - I need to carry the cleaning cloth everywhere with me!