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webOS 2.2.3 coming for the veer?


Well it looks like there is an update for my poor Veer which has been out now for nearly half a year with no new webOS love - the only problem is it hasn't been released yet. Over on the PreCentral forums a user reports that he bought a Veer off ebay from someone who claims to "work for Palm" and it came preloaded with 2.2.3 - he even has a video up to prove it.

Nobody knows how long this update has been ready or why it hasn't been released officially (it could be that HP/Palm have had it ready for a while but AT&T don't want to bother putting it through carrier approval, although that doesn't explain why the European unlocked Veers still don't have it either) but hopefully they release it soon or I imagine that it will likely leak out anyway. I personally hope this comes out sooner rather than later as I've had a few issues with my Veer and I'm hoping that there are a few bug fixes in there. Even better than that, this update finally brings Skype to the Veer which I've been wanting for a while now - I have two siblings living over seas and it'd be great to be able to Skype them from my phone rather than my laptop or TouchPad.

So come on HP - release the damn update already! I know the platform is dying, but lets make the death a little less painless...