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Time for a new phone?


I haven't owned my little Veer for too long now (coming up on 6 months) but the honeymoon is starting to wear a bit thin. It's currently running webOS 2.2.3 (as 2.2.4 had a particular problem where every third call or so all sound would be lost and not just my end - the person I was talking to couldn't hear me either) which has proven to be a relatively stable release but it still has its quirks* and it's pretty obvious that this is the end of the road for webOS on smartphones so it'll never see an update. I've been impressed at the speed of the uptake of Open webOS by the Open Source community but the current open sourcing roadmap doesn't see a full release until September this year by which time the phone will be even older and further behind the competition.

The only problem (apart from the fact that I've only owned this phone for half a year so it really is a bit too early to replace it!) is the only thing I've found that I'd like to replace it with is the Nokia N9 which is also a bit of a dead end, although a completely gorgeous dead end, especially in white! And it would be nice to have 64Gb space after the meagre 8Gb that the Veer packs (with only about 5.5Gb free for music etc by the time the OS is installed). One thing I'm going to keep my eye on is the port of Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") to the N9 which seems to be progressing forward at a decent rate as ICS on that phone would be amazing (it already has no buttons on the front so would suit it perfectly). To top it all off I've found a source here in NZ where I can buy a white 64Gb N9 which is pretty much the best looking phone out today in my opinion and I'd be happy using Meego until Android gets ported (but not happy with the lack of apps - I've already suffered that enough with the whole webOS saga), assuming it ever does get completely ported!

Or maybe I'm just a tech magpie and want something shiny and new and should simply wait...

* The most annoying thing is the little magnetic connector for the headphone jack sometimes doesn't register itself as clipped on properly and it can take a few goes to get sound coming out the headphones - I have to do this nearly every time and when I'm listening to music/podcasts on my way to work on my motorbike it can sometimes stop mid ride if the connector gets jostled in my pocket. Other than that it hasn't been to bad, just occasional lag and freezes after it's been running for several days without reboot and since the Skype integration any contacts which I have a Skype ID for too seem to get their names replaced by the Skype name...

Note: I'm completely happy with my TouchPad which recently got updated to 3.0.5 and is running smoothly, it's just the phones I'd like to see some love given too as it just feels so unfinished. Dreams are free I guess.