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Open webOS 1.0 Released


Well it's finally happened - the 1.0 release of Open webOS has been announced. What this means is that manufacturers can now take this source code and theoretically get it up and running on their own hardware, or hobbyists can port it to "open" android hardware such as the Nexus line.

In fact this is exactly what the Open webOS Ports Team has done - only a few hours after the source was released they have it booting on a Galaxy Nexus (though there is a long way to go before it is usable as a phone), a pretty amazing feat. And this is just the beginning I suspect - if there is one thing I've learned during my time using webOS it's that the webOS Internals team are coding machines, I'm amazed at the speed at which they pump out tweaks and improvements and also the quality of their work, often better than factory!

My Nokia N9 uses an open mode kernel - I'd love to dual boot webOS on that!

UPDATE: And now it's running on a Transformer Prime

UPDATE 2: And running on a Nexus S, these devs don't mess about!