Little T in the Cog mobile

The WindsorNot


Nearly half a year after we found out about the WindsorNot, a smooth, keyboardless webOS smartphone that came to light in some marketing materials Derek over at webOS Nation got his hands on a prototype of the device and has written up a good article on the history and demise of this fascinating (to me anyway!) smartphone. There are loads of pictured throughout the article, and it's interesting to note that without the keyboard slider underneath like the Pre3 the phone is super thin and compact, roughly the size of an iPhone.

If this thing had launched I would have seriously considered buying it - I still regret that I didn't snap up a Pre3 in time when they went on fire sale (the cheapest I can find them now on eBay with shipping to NZ is ~US$270 which is a bit much even for me!) and the WindsorNot is basically a thinner,lighter, keyboardless Pre 3 running my favourite mobile operating system. What might have been...