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That was quick!


Well that was quick - the Kindle Paperwhite was ordered on Saturday and turned up Monday afternoon! That's quicker than some packages arrive when sent locally let alone from the US. I haven't opened it yet as it belongs to my wife so I'll leave that awesome feeling of opening a new tech toy to her :-)

I love shiny new things!

webOS now mobile


Well all good things must come to an end - my last webOS cell phone is now dead. I've given away my HP Veer as I hadn't powered it on in over 7 months but still kept my old Pre Plus around for when I got nostalgic and wanted to use webOS again (I still think it is the best mobile OS so far, even though it is slowly dropping further behind the others). The other day I fired up the Pre Plus, the first time in about 3 months, and though the phone powers up the screen no longer responds to touch. I've tried a bunch of things - doctored it, left the battery out, tried using just USB power (this seems to have worked for a few people) but nothing has worked.

So now my only webOS device is my TouchPad, still going strong after two years of use (it actually still gets used almost daily, mostly for reading Kindle books, though as my wife has just bought a Kindle Paperwhite those days might be numbered...). Because of this I've decided to change the webOS section of this blog to be simply "mobile" as there is less and less to write about webOS as time goes on.

I was still hoping for some new webOS hardware to come out when LG bought webOS off HP, but it doesn't look like they're at all interested in trying to resurrect webOS on phones, and at this stage I can't say I completely blame them as it would take a long time and a lot of cash to catch up with the big players and even if they did get it up and running on modern hardware and tweaked things like the browser to be compliant they would still be stuck with a lack of apps (just look at the tough time Microsoft is having trying to make inroads into that cut-throat market).

I'll keep using my TouchPad as long as I can while I watch webOS and all the promise that it had slowly fade away. Oh well, it's only code, right?