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New Windows Terminal


8 months ago I was complaining about the state of the Windows terminal and how dated it felt after using a modern Linux distro or macOS. Well it turns out I wasn't the only one complaining as Microsoft have just announced the new Windows Terminal! This is a "proper" modern terminal with tabs, colours, transparency etc. and cat be used with any shells that you may have installed on Windows (such as the traditional cmd, PowerShell, WSL (like Ubuntu) and anything that may come in the future). I'm really excited about this - this will be another big step up in making developer's and sysadmin's lives easier.

Microsoft have really been hitting it out of the park lately with their dev tools and things like improved permissions in WSL and the upcoming WSL 2 release will only make it even better (even a few years ago I would never have believed that Microsoft would ship a Linux kernel with Windows!). It looks like 2019 will truly be the year of Linux on the Desktop :-)