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Running Graphical Linux Apps with X410


Just a quick update as I've just discovered something that has made my life a bit easier - X410! This handy app (available in the Microsoft Store here) allows you to run most GUI apps from the Windows Subsystem for Linux, meaning if you were previously booting into Linux to run a particular graphical app the that's one last thing you have to reboot for! Highly recommended to make Windows more Linux friendly for those of you who are Linux refugees like me. To be honest the thing I seem to use it for the most is to run a "proper" terminal so I can have tabs, infinite scroll back and all those good things that I was missing when I moved over to the Dark Side - that alone is worth the NZ$14.50 price for me!

Read up on it at the developer's website and grab a copy from the Microsoft Store here if you like what you see.