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Another Pre


Somebody take my credit card away from me - I've just gone and grabbed myself a Pre 3.

Yup, I've just gone and bought something that was released two years ago, and even then wasn't the latest and greatest (it came out at the same time as the iPhone 4 which is still supported by Apple). I haven't used a webOS phone in over a year and a half (having use the N9 for most of that time and only just last month grabbing a Sony Xperia P) but found my old Pre+ sitting in a drawer the other day and got a hankering for webOS. I tried powering it on, it boots but the screen won't accept any touch inputs so I couldn't log in :-(

A quick check on eBay showed that the Pre 3 is still available new in the box from a few places and after thinking it over I took the plunge - I know it's silly buying a phone that's now over two years old and didn't even have much support when it came out but I just can't let webOS go, it was so far ahead of its time and is still the most intuitive phone OS I've ever used. The N9 came close but never really ticked the boxes for me the same way webOS did and I find Android doesn't live up to the promise (but the hardware and app selection is great!).

It could be I only use it for a month or two and get frustrated by the Pre 3 and it ends up in a drawer, my Veer was certainly buggy so who knows if the Pre will be too. But at least then I can say I've got the best webOS phone that was ever produced and can pull it out every now and then if I get nostalgic!

HP Pre 3

Can't wait for it to turn up now - I'll finally be able to use touch-to-share with my TouchPad!